Pork Chorizo Rosario Sausages
Pork Chorizo Rosario Sausages
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Pork Chorizo Rosario Sausages

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A smoky powerhouse of flavours - the hot Sausage of the moment!

Roots in Spanish cuisine
​​​​​​​Ristra - or fresh (or soft) Chorizo Sausage - a hot fiery smoky Sausage which has its roots in Spanish cuisine using only Premium Quality Shoulder of Pork which has just the right balance of lean to fat in the muscle to make the perfect Chorizo Rosario Sausage. 

Natural hog casing
The Shoulder of Pork is coarsely minced and then Salt, White Pepper, Garlic, both Dulce and Picante Pimento - are expertly mixed - and then filled into a natural hog casing.

Denser in texture
Slightly denser in texture than an English Sausage, Chorizo Rosario Sausages release a powerhouse of spicy flavours and oils that make it perfect for preparing a hearty Tagine Stew.

Pork Chorizo Rosario Sausages can be cooked similarly to a Cumberland Sausage and served whole

Can be pan-fried, griddled, grilled, barbecued - or used for stuffing especially Pork and Chicken - flavouring Stews - or for threading on to Kebab skewers interspersed with chunks of juicy Chicken ​​​​​​​

Do have a look at our How to Cook/Related Recipes Tab for some great ways to prepare your Free Range Pork Chorizo Rosario Sausages​​​​​​​
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