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Ramsays Black Pudding Sliced

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"The Best Black Pudding in Scotland" - Nick Nairn

A sliced version of the Ramsays Black Pudding Stick

Made to a time-honoured secret family recipe, Ramsays Black Pudding is surely the epitome of this unique gastronomic delight. 

Exceptionally smooth, velvety textured
Milled to a very fine texture Ramsays Black Pudding yields an exceptionally smooth, velvety textured, moist and very moreish taste

The perfect complement to both traditional breakfasts or used in the most sophisticated of recipes.

For your convenience we have sliced the Black Pudding and put it in 2 packs of 4 slices (280g).

Just pull a pack out of the freezer in the evening and it is ready to cook for next day's breakfast. 

​​​​​​​Can be pan-fried, griddled, grilled or used in all sorts of recipes
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A Smithfield Gold Award Winner this is a treat not to be missed.
Size: 2 x 280g Packs
Our Price: £4.98
Ingredients & Allergens

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