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Roasting is performed inside an oven and uses indirect heat that cooks from all sides for even browning.

This method of cooking works more slowly, coaxing flavours out of Meats and Vegetables.

Roasting can be performed at very low temperatures between 90°c degrees and 175°c for tougher Cuts of Meat, or higher temperatures up to 230°c for more tender Cuts. 

Best foods for roasting:

Meats: Roasting cooks large Cuts of Meat slowly and evenly. Rib of Beef, Rolled Rib of Beef, Rolled Sirloin, Whole Beef Fillet, Topside, Silverside, Rack of Lamb, Lamb Leg or Shoulder, Pork Leg or Shoulder, a Pork Loin and a Venison Roast - all benefit from roasting. 

Poultry: Whole Poultry or Game can be placed in a roasting pan and cooked for several hours for a moist and flavourful product. 


Baking and roasting both use indirect heat to surround foods and cook from all sides.

The term roasting is used when cooking Meats or Vegetables, and baking is used when making Bread, Rolls, Pies and Cakes. Technically, these cooking methods are the same, but baking is usually performed at lower temperatures than roasting.

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