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Spring Thrifty Cuts

Godfreys Spring Thrifty Cuts

With the Covid-19 virus repercussions vastly increasing the demand for cooking at home every day - maintaining our usual constant availability is proving difficult - but rest assured we are working tirelessly with our Farmers to quickly replenish availability as soon is possible on a Daily basis - so you can continue to enjoy eating seasonally

We continue to strive to offer full service normality - and availability - but hope you understand if some Cuts periodically run out for a short period of time


It’s almost eight years since we launched Godfreys Thrifty Cuts.

Since then the range of Thrifty Cuts has grown hugely - as has the popularity of these Cuts

Much copied - but rarely rivaled

Now much copied - but very rarely rivaled.

Thrifty Cuts seem to have chimed not only with popularity of a thrifty and less wasteful approach to food - but also to those with a growing appetite to try these traditional - almost bygone Cuts - packed with flavour and character

Our own Edwardian roots

Many Thrifty Cuts date back to our own Edwardian roots - and even earlier - and they bring back the tastes, flavours and textures that made them so popular in the first place - to be enjoyed by new generations - although in our family they were never lost in the first place

Expensive cuts need not be the most succulent

The most expensive Cuts need not be the most succulent- nor only those bursting with good old fashioned, mouth watering flavours and textures.

Immaculate provenance

Free Range Premium Quality meat raised with immaculate provenance, in stress-free rearing environments, and fed on only additive-free diets - yield superb tastes and textures - yet do remember that the most expensive cuts and Thrifty Cuts do come from the same animal.

Thrifty Cuts tend to be from harder-working muscles with more sinew and sometimes more fat and bone - one of the reasons they are cheaper - but also why they are so very tasty.

Cutting a Thrifty Cut

Knowing how to cut a Thrifty Cut properly is almost as difficult as sourcing it

A Premium Quality Master Butcher will have the skills to break down Cuts like a Rump into individual muscles.

Some of the muscles will eat like a Fillet and others will need a bit more chewing.

That's why the Rump Steak that most butchers cut across the three main muscles can sometimes appear chewy.

Cooking evenly

Another example of the impportance of the Cut is when buying Thrifty diced meat for a pie or stew it should be from one cut or muscle so it cooks evenly.

When you cook it and taste a piece to see if it's done it may well appear tender, but in amongst the rest of the meat will be all of the other muscles which will take longer to cook.

So skill, expertise and knowledge are just as important to a Godfreys Premium Quality Thrifty Cut as is the animal’s upbringing and provenance.

Hard work in the kitchen?

Many people assume that getting the best from Thrifty Cuts is going to be hard work in the kitchen - but it need not be.

You just have to know what to ask for and what to do with it.

The best choice

Cooking usually requires to be low and slow in the oven. But with some Thrifty Cuts sometimes the barbecue, grill or frying pan are the best choice.

Here at Godfreys with five generations of experience, we treasure some of the thriftiest cuts - as the best cuts.

Less cost

In recent years we have all become more cost conscious.

It makes sense to be careful with our home economics and sometimes mix some of the more indulgent expensive cuts with different cuts of the animal that are equally sumptuously textured and flavoured - but at considerably less cost.

Supermarkets can only dream!

Many of these Thrifty Cuts may be difficult to find as they come from smaller, specialist, usually family-run farms.

These are Cuts which supermarkets with their mass supply requirements can only dream of sourcing and supplying.

However once you have tasted them - there is probably no going back!

hThe good news

Each Thrifty Cut has impeccable Free Range rearing credentials, mouthwatering textures and explosions of tastes

And the good news is - you can enjoy new culinary adventures and taste experiences every day - all the way through Spring - without breaking the weekly household budget.

Here are a few simple ideas to hopefully inspire you to explore the joy of Godfreys Thrifty Cuts - and help cut down on the food budget at the same time - without sacrificing quality

We have tried to give as broad a choice of Thrifty Cuts that cover both the obvious - and the less well known


• Spring Chicken in a Pot -  by Mary Cadogan
Casseroles aren't just for winter - this light, vibrant one-pot is packed with spring veg and herby Pesto
Freezable and Healthy
Preparation time 20 mins : Cooking Time 45 mins.  Click here for Chicken Thighs  
(Click here for recipe)

• Parmesan Spring Chicken
Full of spring flavours, the Parmesan coating gives a satisfying crunch and the meat stays tender
Easily halved
Preparation time 10 mins : Cooking time 20 mins. Click here for Chicken Breasts
(Click here for recipe)

• Flambéed Chicken with Asparagus - Mary Cadogan
An elegant spring dinner party dish that looks and tastes very special. Perfect with New Potatoes
Preparation time 15 mins : Cooking time 35 mins.  Click here for Chicken Breasts, Fresh Chicken Stock
(Click here for recipe)

• Sausage & Spring Mash Pie - by Jane Hornby
Comfort food doesn't get much better than this.
Easily halved and Freezable
Preparation time 15 mins : Cooking time 45 mins. Click here for Directors Sausages,  Fresh Beef Stock, Dijon Mustard, Caramelised Red Onion Chutney
(Click here for recipe)

• Country Terrine with Black Pepper & Thyme - by Sara Buenfeld
A rustic Terrine with French toasts makes an excellent starter for a special meal and it costs very little to make.
Preparation time 20 mins - plus overnight chilling : Cooking time 1 hr 30 mins. Click here for Chicken Livers, Belly of Pork, Smoked Streaky Bacon
(Click here for recipe)

• One-pot Moroccan Chicken - by John Torode
A North African Chicken casserole that's low in fat, packed with veg and flavoured with Harissa
Freezable and Healthy
Preparation time 5 mins : Cooking time 25 mins. Click here for Chicken Breasts
(Click here for recipe)

• Sweet & sticky Wings with classic Slaw 
  Kids will love these sweet and sticky Wings which are quick to prepare and cheap too!
Preparation time 10 mins : Cooking time 40 mins. Click here for Chicken Wings
(Click here for recipe)

• Chinese Braised Beef with Ginger
  Slow cooking Beef Shin or Brisket in Asian aromatic spices gives a melt-in-the-mouth main course that's delicious with steamed rice and crisp stir-fried vegetables
Preparation time 35 mins : Cooking time 3 hrs. Click here for Shin of Beef, Rolled Brisket, Fresh Beef Stock
(Click here for recipe)

• Mustard-crusted Breast of Lamb - by Barney Desmazery
Breast of Lamb is a forgotten cut, which means it's great value, as well as deliciously tender when slow-cooked
 Preparation time 20 mins : Cooking time 3 hrs. Click here for Breast of Lamb
(Click here for recipe)

• Slow Cooker Ribs - by Caroline Hire
Slow cooking is the perfect way to get tender melt-in-the-mouth Pork Ribs, simply throw everything in the Slow Cooker, then finish off in the oven or Barbecue
Preparation time 10 mins : Cooking time 8-9 hrs. Click here for Rack of Pork Ribs, Mississippi Barbecue Sauce
(Click here for recipe)

• Sherry-braised Pork Cheeks - by Caroline Hire
Cook this offcut of Pork in a Spanish-inspired sauce of sweet sherry, cumin, paprika, parsley and almonds- it's a great addition to a tapas spread
Preparation time 10 mins : Cooking time 2 hrs 15 mins. Click here for Pigs Cheeks, Fresh Beef Stock
(Click here for recipe)

• Garlic Beef - by Barney Desmazery
A cheap cut of Beef transformed into a tender treat
Preparation time 10 mins: Cooking time15 mins. Click here for Onglet
(Click here for recipe)

So, whether you choose one of the recipes above - or are just inspired to explore further Spring Thrifty Cut recipes - we hope we have given you much food for thought.

The full Godfreys Spring Thrifty Cut range is now live on​​​​​​​ www.godfreys.co

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Bon Appétit!

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