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Steaks and Chops

Usually cooked by frying or grilling. The methods of Frying and Grilling are really variants of the same cooking technique - which involves the rapid transfer of the heat to the meat. In both cases the heat is delivered to a flat surface - as opposed to the enveloping heat of the oven

This means meat that is fried or grilled is - by definition - cooked or seared one side at a time

Grilling can be from heat delivered from underneath - or from above - although traditionally grilling was always from underneath - and is making a comeback - as seen in the rising popularity of Chargrills


The very best way to cook Steaks is in a frying pan - says Delia Smith.

Season the Steaks on both sides with freshly milled Black Pepper but no Salt yet, as this encourages the juices to come out.

Use a thick, solid base pan to conduct the heat properly and heat to almost smoking hot. then add just the smallest amount of oil or fat - about 1 teaspoon. Let this become shimmering hot.

Hold the Steak in both hands and drop it directly down so that the whole of the surface hits the heat at the same moment. What this does is sear the meat, sealing the edges and encouraging the juices to stay inside.

Turn once or twice. Season and rest


What grilling should achieve is a lovely seared, faintly charred outside edge with the rest of the meat very tender and juicy within.

This is the closest thing to cooking on an open fire because, when the meat is placed on a rack, the air circulates and this gives the grilled meat its unique flavour.

If you're cutting down on fat, then grill without fat or oil. However, if that is not your priority, it is better to brush very lean meat, such as Pork Steaks, with a little melted Butter, and Fillet Steaks with a little oil before grilling.

The Choice between grilling and frying
Both are the most popular methods of cooking by far

Grilling is often seen as the healthier option - as it releases fat from the meat into the fire or grill tray.

Frying on the other hand seals in the juices and fats of the meat - which means more of the minerals and flavours are locked in


Frying usually utilizes fat or oil to rapidly transfer heat to food. Although oil and fat are liquid at frying temperatures, it is still considered a dry heat cooking method because it does not involve water.

Gorgeous “browning flavours”

Both frying and grilling are used to achieve the ever gorgeous “browning flavours” - and a crispy end product

Temperature and timing

However, temperature and timing are everything if you want to achieve that luscious, umami, brown crust - which opens into a tender, succulent and yielding interior

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall in his excellent book The River Cottage Meat Book - sets out three simple rules to always remember before committing the meat to the heat

1. Flat pieces of meat are easier to fry and grill than odd-shaped ones
2. Thin pieces of meat will cook through much quicker than thick ones
3. A high heat will sear the outside of the meat more quickly than a low heat

Room temperature

Make sure your meat is at the same room temperature throughout - otherwise you may get a nicely browned and crusty exterior - and an insufficiently cooked interior

Smoking Hot Frying

For smoking hot cooking, use fats and oils that do not burn or taint at high temperature - Groundnut Oil, rendered Lard or Beef Suet are best

Very rare Steaks should require no oil at all

Best for

Best for Fillet Steak, Sirloin Steak, Rump Steak, Calves and Lambs Liver, Venison Fillets or Medallions, Pigeon Breasts

Very Hot - but not Smoking Hot Frying

This has a thin film of oil heated to just below its smoking point

Best for

As per the Smoking Hot list - but now including Diced Beef, Lamb Chops, French trimmed Lamb Cutlets, Lamb Leg Steaks, Lamb Henrys, Bacon, Duck Breasts

Steaks for cooking rare to medium

Medium : Hear the pan sizzling to itself

This is where you can hear the pan is clearly sizzling to itself

Best for

Almost all Beef Steaks, Beef Burgers Medium and Well done, Lamb Chops, Lamb Steaks, Pork Chops, Diced Pork, Veal Chops, Veal Escalopes, Bacon. most portions of Boneless Chicken or Game, Kidneys - and thicker Liver

For Steaks Medium and beyond

Turn the heat up at the end for extra crispy caramelisation

Low : The muted sizzle

Best heat level for Bone-in Chicken Portions, Sausages, Pork Steaks, Gammon Steaks, Chicken Kievs - if you do not want to deep fry

The Sausages may take 20 minutes to cook - but the wait is worthwhile

Don’t overcrowd

Don’t overcrowd a pan - as that will make the temperature drop too much - and can result in uneven cooking

Although pan frying may come to mind first, sautéing, stir-frying, and deep pan frying are all alternative methods for frying food

Finally - Rest

Finally - as with roasts - always cover and rest on a warm plate after the cooking has finished - but only for around five minutes - the meat will be more yielding - and have a much better taste

The most popular Steaks and Chops

Below are listed the most popular Steaks and Chops - each complete with its own general How to Cook instructions - and then a selection of Related Recipes to set you thinking - with finally a Leftovers Tab - to stretch even more pleasure from your Premium Quality Meats at little or no cost


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Free Range Beef Flat Iron Steaks
Cheaper and surprisingly more flavourful than some expensive steaks
Our Price: £6.98
Free Range Beef Picanha
Brazil's highly prized favourite Steak / Roast
Our Price: From: £36.18
Free Range Fillet Steak
The ultimate in succulent, buttery tenderness.
Our Price: From: £13.28
Free Range Sirloin Steak
The Perfect Steak - beautifully marbled, sweet and tender.
Our Price: From: £8.98
Free Range Rib Eye Steak
Dry-aged on the bone, and renowned for its succulence and flavour.
Our Price: From: £10.28
Free Range Tomahawk Steak
The gargantuan, Dry-Aged, historic Steak - with a serious Wow factor!
Our Price: £48.28
Free Range Rump Steak   

Tender, with a juicy, full flavour imparted by careful ageing. 

Our Price: £8.78
Free Range Marinated Steak

Marbled Rib Eye Steak marinated with a mixture of mild Peppers and Herbs.

Our Price: £11.98
Free Range T-Bone Steak
The best of both Fillet and Sirloin in one, it is generous in size and flavour.
Our Price: £21.98
Beef T-Bone Florentine Steak
A culinary mind blower - one of the worlds sharing treats - not to be missed!
Our Price: £43.98
Free Range Chateaubriand Steak
Cut from the marbled head of our finest Beef Tenderloin.
Our Price: £31.98
Free Range 30 Day Dry Aged Côte de Boeuf Steak
The French Classic - well marbled, tender and full flavoured.
Our Price: From: £20.98
Free Range Ultimate Steak
The Ultimate in Size and a special way to a mans heart.
Our Price: £49.98
Free Range Bavette Steak
One of the UKs most underrated and tastiest cuts - a butchers secret.
Our Price: £10.48
Free Range Onglet Steak

Antony Bourdain’s favourite Cut - and France's choice Bistro Steak - Onglet has a big, fantastic and unique flavour all of its own - with an old fashioned real meaty flavour.

Our Price: £20.28
Free Range Fillet Tails
A unique juicy Fillet Steak experience - at a fraction of the cost.
Our Price: £6.98
Free Range Dry Aged Master Steak Burgers  

An absolute Masterpiece of a Dry Aged Burger.

Our Price: From: £2.18
Marrowbone Pots  

A silky, sumptuous, very Meaty experience.

Our Price: £4.68
Marrowbone Boats  

A silky, sumptuous, very Meaty experience.

Our Price: £4.68
Marrowbone Tunnels  

A silky, sumptuous very Meaty experience.

Our Price: £4.68
Free Range Lamb Loin Chops  

A classic Cut. Tender bone-in Chops to grill, roast or fry.

Our Price: £10.48
Free Range French Trim Cutlets
French trimmed succulent Cutlets of Lamb.
Our Price: £10.98
Lamb Florentine Chops  

Smoky crust on the outside - luscious pink on the inside.

Our Price: £15.48
Free Range Lamb Steaks

Thick, juicy, Leg Steaks of Lamb to pan fry, or grill.

Our Price: £13.98
Free Range Lamb Henry Steaks  

Rich and intense Lamb flavour - rarely found Cut.

Our Price: £7.58
Free Range Lamb Noisette

Rolled Loins of tender Lamb - perfect for slicing, or roasting whole.

Our Price: £24.58
Free Range Lamb Rosettes

Minced Lamb and Garlic, seasoned with Mixed Herbs to perfection.

Our Price: £2.28
Free Range Pork Loin Chops
A classic family favourite - a good sized portions for hungry appetites.
Our Price: From: £5.68
Free Range Pork Steaks
Succulent boneless Pork Steaks, perfect for grilling or pan frying.
Our Price: £2.98
Free Range Pork Collar Steaks
Pork Collar Steaks are very easy to prepare!
Our Price: £3.98
Free Range Pork Belly Slices
A real foodie favourite - especially with that Pork Crackling!
Our Price: £4.48
Free Range Pork Tenderloin
The most tender Cut of Pork - the Pork equivalent of Beef Fillet Steak
Our Price: £8.98
Veal Escalopes  

A very tender Cut, that is perfect for breading, or just flash frying.

Our Price: £13.98
Veal Chops  

Tender Chops with a delicate flavour - but still robust and tasty.

Our Price: £13.58
Digital Meat Thermometer
Fast response - Getting Perfect results every time
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