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Exclusively Hand made from Free Range Beef and Chicken

GIts not often you can buy Stock made exclusively from Free Range, slow-matured, naturally-reared traditional breeds of Beef and Chicken - but that is exactly what we do

Freshly, hand made pots add an instant punch of bursting flavour
To produce these freshly, hand made pots, we use only the meat from our Free Range Premium Quality cuts, and cook them with the freshest vegetables, to produce a simple way to add an instant punch of bursting flavours to your favourite slow cooked meals.

Extra rich, delicious depth of flavour
These Stocks will allow you to add an extra rich, delicious depth of flavours to your home-made soups, sauces, stews, pies and gravies - which makes them such a popular choice with our customers, who just keep coming back for more.

Freshly made, Free Range Stocks like you have never tasted before

Free Range Fresh Beef Stock
Adds delicious rich depth of flavours to sauces, soups stews and gravies.
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Free Range Fresh Chicken Stock
Adds delicious rich depth of flavours to sauces, soups, stews and gravies
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Free Range Beef Dripping
A delicious, full bodied, flavoursome alternative to vegetable oils.
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