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Three Bird Roasts - a stunning Christmas centrepiece!

Not All Three Bird Roasts Are Created The Same!

Three Bird Roasts are a stunning centrepiece, easily carved, ridiculously delicious - and with an enormous Wow factor for your family or guests.

Fantastic alternative to cooking a whole Turkey

Godfreys Three Bird Roasts are a fantastic succulent and delicious alternative to cooking a whole Turkey.

Easy to cook, easy to carve, deliciously moreish to eat - with no waste!

In the Grand Tradition

Created by the Tudors and made popular by the Victorians.

Royal Roast

This festive indulgence - also known as the Royal Roast - is a true culinary luxurious feast and spectacle

First recorded in the Tudor period

The concept known as engastrination - or engastration - which means stuffing one de-boned bird inside another - was first recorded in the Tudor period when the Court of Henry VIII enjoyed versions containing several birds which were roasted and then encased in a Pie - to avoid the fire-cooked Meat from drying out 

Gracing the table

More modest versions were made popular at Victorian Christmas dinners such as Yorkshire Pie - a giant pastry case filled with a Turkey, stuffed with a Goose, a Fowl, a Duck and a Pigeon - gracing the table

Historically popular across the pond

Also historically popular across the pond - especially at Thanksgiving time - and known as Turducken (derived from Turkey, Duck and Chicken - since you ask)

However not all Three Bird Roasts are created the same!

Sadly many of the supermarkets and less scrupulous suppliers have recognised the Three Birds Roasts popularity and started to wave their magic wands in order to meet their precious price points and/or increase their profits - at the expense of quality and taste 

Paraded as the real thing

At the bottom of the pile is the Three Bird Roast prepared from utilitarian, probably imported, non-Free Range Turkeys stuffed with pieces of pre-cut Chicken with just a few cut pieces of the more expensive Game birds tucked inside and filled up with low grade stuffings - before finally being put into a net to help keep some form of shape - and then paraded as the real thing.

Three Bird Sausage Roast

These really should be called the Three Bird Sausage Roasts - not a Three Whole Bird Roast

We then move on to Free Range Turkeys stuffed with lots of pre-cut Chicken pieces and stuffing - and very little Game bird - that is so essential to a true Three Bird Roast experience. 

And so it goes on.

Not necessarily the best parts of the whole bird

Some supermarkets have even resorted to calling their Three Bird Roasts Ballotines - which is fine - as long you are not expecting to find three completely unadulterated, Free Range, expertly boned whole Birds which are hand stuffed into each other whilst being each individually layered with stuffing - so that the sum of the parts cook to a greater harmonious whole.

A Ballotine just needs to be pieces of pre-cut meat not necessarily from the best parts of the whole bird - or even the same bird - and stuffing - which is then forced into a sack, and tied up with string - to reform some sort of shape

Hand prepared Premium Quality Free Range Whole Duck, Guinea Fowl and Pheasant 

At Godfreys in our Free Range Three Bird Roasts we don’t use cheaper Turkey or Chicken to pad out the Roast.

We only use hand prepared Premium Quality Free Range Whole Duck, Guinea Fowl and two Pheasants - expertly boned whole - then skillfully inserted whole into one another and whilst doing so - individually dressed with luxurious stuffing and then beautifully presented - looking like what a whole Three bird Roast should look like - with the exquisite taste, melting texture and resulting big Wow appeal. 

A proper Three Bird Roast cannot be mass-produced

Incredibly time consuming, it takes a highly experienced Master Butcher at least twenty-five minutes simply to debone and assemble one Three Bird Roast

We don’t “engineer” our Three Bird Roasts to a size - or a price - only to a perfectly delicious epitome of what a real Free Range Three Bird Roast should taste and look like.

Juices run through the whole Roast

Our Three Bird Roasts are hand cut and expertly made - with each Bird helping to cook the next one inside with the juices running through the whole Roast to yield that most celebratory and grand of Festive experiences that you and your guests or family will never forget - nor stop talking about!

Which is to die for

A whole plump Free Range Whole Duck, stuffed with a juicy whole Guinea Fowl, which in turn is stuffed with a two whole rich game Partridges - and all layered with a luscious, fruity Orange, Sultana, Prune, Cranberry and Premium Quality Pork Sausage Meat Stuffing - which is to die for.
Wonderful crispy skin on top and with no bones - makes this majestic Three Bird Roast very easy to carve at the table.

Bags of taste - no carving - and no waste 

No short cuts here - three Whole Free Range Game birds - each sumptuous in their own right – but brought together for a real Wow factor - with bags of taste - no carving - and no waste.

A luxurious celebratory indulgence

An absolute luxurious celebratory indulgence, whose magnificent flavours merge and mingle, to provide an exceptional fabulous tasting roast - which is both sensational hot or served cold with seasonal Chutneys or Salad.


Can only dream of

For the dinner host, they are a showstopper on a scale many can only dream of, whilst for the foodies, they provide a flavour profile to which a simple Goose or Turkey can never come close.

A limited amount

Unfortunately we can only hand make a limited amount of our Free Range Three Bird Roasts so please ensure you place your order as early as possible to avoid being disappointed.

The full Christmas range together with Godfreys Three Bird Roasts is now live at www.godfreys.co under the Christmas Tab - so now you to have lots of time to select what you would like to make your Christmas delicious, memorable and Perfect.

Give it a Click!

So why not give it a Click - and experience a whole new way to enjoy Christmas with Godfreys Free Range Premium Meats and Poultry by ordering from the comfort of your own home - or workplace - at a time that is convenient to you

We do the rest - be it if you would prefer delivery direct to your door Nationwide - or at our Click and Collect Points in Highbury or Finsbury Park. - so avoiding the need to join the traditional Christmas queue
Whatever your choice - please accept our Best Wishes that you enjoy a very Merry Christmas - and a Happy New Year!

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Free Range Three  Bird Roast
Free Range Duck, Partridge and Guinea Fowl with a rich, luscious, fruity Stuffing. 
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