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Thrifty Free Range Pork Collar Steaks

Established in the United States and now rapidly growing in popularity here - due their wonderful succulence and tenderness - Godfreys Pork Collar Steaks are a must for Pork lovers, with the opulent Meat highlighting why our Free Range Blythburgh Pork is so special

Also known as Cowboy Steaks, Prime Rib Steaks, Scotch Fillets or - mistakenly - Rib Eye Steaks. Some even call them Delmonico Steaks. 

Pork Collar Steaks are very easy to prepare - and simply transport the flavour and texture of hand-bred Pork Steaks to another level

Easier to cook than Pork Chops - with the perfect ratio of Meat to marbling - the connective tissue means they stay juicier and don’t dry out so quickly - and makes them very versatile as well as being porkishly delicious.

Only Premium Quality, slow maturing Pork 

We use only Premium Quality, Free Range, additive-free, slow-maturing Pork which provides the most succulent of rich porky flavours and textures - from farms with impeccable provenance and world class standards of ethical husbandry 

Absolutely, totally Free Range Pork

Our Pigs are born outside - and spend almost all their entire lives outdoors in the fresh air, with freedom to roam in large paddocks, rooting around in the sandy soil and playing with their peers.

Distinctly porky flavour and succulence

By growing at a much slower, more natural rate, our Premium Quality Free Range Pork acquires a traditional, distinctly porky flavour and succulence - that has been largely forgotten amongst today's mass-produced Pork.

Generously sized 

The delectable and generously sized Pork Collar Steak is expertly cut by our Master Butchers from the Neck End (Collar) of Pork. Packed full of flavour - it is a Cut - once tried - you will return to - time and again

This is a Pork Steak that can be seared on the outside and served pink in the middle as you would a Beef steak. 

The ultimate luxury Cut

Our Pork Collar Steaks are the ultimate luxury Cut from a Pig. 

They can be marinaded to add extra flavour if so wished

A delicious and filling meal

Pork Collar Steaks can take all sorts of flavours in their stride - such as Chilli Honey, Herbs or Garlic marinades to make a delicious and filling meal

Best grilled, pan fried or barbecued - but can also be oven-baked, braised or casseroled 

Once you have tried our Pork Collar Steaks once - you will be back for more - and for the more adventurous here are a few recipes to explore just to show how versatile Pork Collar Steaks can be:

• Pork Shoulder Steaks with Grilled Mustard Greens - by Molly Baz
Normally you want to braise a Pork Shoulder - but we’re making a case for throwing it on the grill, with a hell of a Spice rub. Like a Rib Eye, Pork Shoulder has lots of intramuscular fat, and like Strip Steak, it has satisfying chew. This recipe shows how slicing it thickly and grilling it swiftly maximizes the enjoyment of both.
Preparation/Cooking time 30 mins - plus marinating time. Click here for Pork Collar Steaks
(Click here for recipe)

• Gochujang Pork Shoulder Steaks
Garlic Cloves, peeled, crushed, Ginger, Dry Saké, Gochujang(Korean Hot Pepper Paste), Mirin and succulent Pork Collar Steaks combine beautifully for a spicy, oriental feast
Preparation/Cooking time 30 mins. Click here for Pork Collar Steaks
(Click here for recipe)

• Pork Shoulder Steaks with Red Onion & Dry Cider
Carrying on with the theme of great tasting, hearty food that also represents really good value for money, here is a favourite Cut of Pork, which is also so quick and easy. Perfect for a midweek meal!
Preparation/Cooking time 30 mins. Click here for Pork Collar Steaks
(Click here for recipe)

• Honey-Garlic Pork Steak
Juicy Pork Steak in a sweet Honey-Garlic Sauce is an easy, delicious dinner recipe your family will love. Ready in minutes! Gluten free
Preparation time 5 mins : Cooking time 15 mins. Click here for Free Range Pork Collar Steaks
(Click here for recipe)

• Juicy Pork Shoulder Steak
Juicy, tender Pork Steaks are easy to grill or pan-fry and make for a succulent Pork dinner option year-round. For best results always marinate Pork Steaks before cooking them.
Preparation time 5 mins : Cooking time 20 mins. Click here for Free Range Pork Collar Steaks
(Click here for recipe)

• Marinated Oven Baked Pork Steak
Tender Pork Steaks baked in the oven. marinated and well-seasoned for delicious, juicy results
Preparation time 5 mins :Cooking time 25 mins. Click here for Free Range Pork Collar Steaks
(Click here for recipe)

• Marinated Pork Steak
Simple and delicious Pork Steaks that are marinated first and then cooked on the grill. Oven option available, too! Juicy Pork, slightly charred and very flavourful. Could be topped with barbecue Sauce. Serve with a side Salad, Vegetables or Potatoes.
Preparation time 10 mins : Cooking time 40 mins. Click here for Free Range Pork Collar Steaks
(Click here for recipe)

• Monroe County Pork Steaks with Spicy Vinegar Dip
The best regional barbecue you’ve never heard of - it comes from Monroe County, Kentucky. These Pork Steaks are grilled over a Hickory fire and basted with a spicy Vinegar 
Preparation/Cooking time 20-25 mins. Click here for Free Range Pork Collar Steaks
(Click here for recipe)

• Rebocado (Pork Neck & Purslane Stew)
This slow-cooked Stew of Pork, Chillies, and peppery Purslane is best eaten with warm Flour Tortillas.  
Preparation/Cooking time 2 hrs 30 mins. Click here for Free Range Pork Collar Steaks
(Click here for recipe)

• Pork Steak with Gravy
An easy, one-pan dinner idea for tender, flavourful Pork Steaks topped with a savoury Brown Onion Gravy. Quick-cooking and sure to satisfy any appetite!
Preparation time 6 mins Cooking time 22 mins. Click here for Free Range Pork Collar Steaks
(Click here for recipe)

• Pork Steaks with Peppers & Olives
Full of rich Mediterranean flavours, this is a quick and easy dish to make for family and friends. Lamb Steaks or Chicken Breasts would also work well instead of Pork. Serve with Couscous to soak up all the lovely juices and some Green Beans. 
Preparation time 10 mins : Cooking time 25 mins. Click here for Free Range Pork Collar Steaks
(Click here for recipe)

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Enjoy Free Range juicy Pork Collar Steaks any day of the Week - available fresh - Instore or Online 

So whether you choose one of the recipes above - or are just inspired to further explore the possibilities of Pork Collar Steak recipes - we hope we have given you plenty food for thought   

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