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Thrifty Lamb Henry Steaks

Premium quality slow-grown Lamb is never going to be cheap - but this rarely-found Cut is a great new Thrifty Cuts addition  

Thick-cut, bone-in Steaks taken from the centre of the Leg. Ideally grilled to pink, Lamb Henry Steaks make a simple but effective alternative to regular Lamb Cuts - or even a Beef Steak.


There is some confusion what Lamb Henrys actually are - but basically a Lamb Henry is a roasting joint taken from the Shoulder - whilst the Lamb Henry Steak is taken from the Leg 

Thrifty Cut

Lamb Henry Steaks - also known in France as Lamb Gigot Steaks - benefit from the fact that you can slice quite a few Steaks off the Leg as opposed to something like the very popular Shins where you can only get four off a carcass - making them such a Lamb Thrifty Cut

Rich and intense Lamb flavour

Cut from our own Free Range slow-grown Lambs, Lamb Henry Steaks yield a unique taste for any lover of Lamb and make a delicious, quick and easy meal - yielding a rich taste and an intense Lamb flavour

Relax into tenderness

Dry-Aging in our own state of the art Maturation Rooms enables the grain of the meat to relax into tenderness, then to darken, and to finally lose excess moisture - resulting in more concentrated flavours and textures

Those in the know

The taste is pure Lamb, as delectable as a Lamb Chop, yet there's very little fat and only a small round of bone (with a delicious nugget of melting Marrow for those in the know).

Though it's usually thought of as a Cut for quick cooking, it also lends itself to braising. When pan-fried or grilled 2 or 3 minutes a side, it emerges rare, tender, juicy and flavourful. 

A terrific flavour

Because these Steaks come from one of the leaner parts of the animal, and from a muscle that has had to do a fair amount of work - if not slow-grown and expertly Dry -Aged - Lamb Henry Steaks have a tendency to be a little tough. 

But if well husbanded and not overcooked - and importantly - rested before serving - Lamb Henry Steaks reward with a terrific flavour.

Perfect for a Thrifty individual meal, as well as a cosy meal à deux - or for a low cost traditional full family meal or dinner party

Also great on the Barbecue

Once you have tried our Lamb Henry Steaks once - you will be back for more - and for the more adventurous here are a few recipes to explore just to show how versatile Lamb Henry Steaks can be:

• Lamb Steaks, Goats Cheese & Caramelised Red Onion Chutney
A 20-minute supper dish using Lamb Steaks topped with Goats Cheese and Caramelised Red Onion Chutney
Preparation time 5 mins : Cooking time 20 mins. Click here for Lamb Henry Steaks
(Click here for recipe)

• Lamb Leg Steaks with Olive & Red Pepper Tapenade
Perfect Lamb Henry Steaks with the Tapenade spooned over - and served with crusty Bread and a Green Salad
Preparation time 10 mins : Cooking time 20 mins. Click here for Lamb Henry Steaks
(Click here for recipe)

• Lamb Steaks with Tomato & Cranberry Relish
Supper for two - Lamb Henry Steaks, complemented by a fruity Tomato and Cranberry Relish.
Preparation time 5 mins : Cooking time Rare: 2½ mins on each side, Medium: 4 mins on each side, Well: 6 mins on each side. Click here for Lamb Henry Steaks
(Click here for recipe)

• Lamb Steaks with Rosemary Sweet Potatoes
This is great to have up your sleeve, impressive enough for a family dinner and quick enough for after work. Easily halved.
Preparation time 10 mins : Cooking time 30 mins. Click here for Lamb Henry Steaks
(Click here for recipe)

• Chargrilled Lamb Leg Steak, Warm Potato & Red Pepper Salad - by Russell Brown
Russell Brown's chargrilled Lamb Leg Steak recipe is served with a simple Chimichurri Sauce and Warm Potato Salad - just the dish for a summer barbecue. If the weather isn't playing ball, you can cook the Leg Steaks inside on a chargrill pan instead.
Preparation/Cooking time 35 mins. Click here for Lamb Henry Steaks
(Click here for recipe)

• Lamb with Rosemary & Port - by Nigella Lawson
I love the sort of dinner that you cook without any special effort but without sacrificing gratification. It's comfortingly retro, too! - Nigella Lawson. Preparation /  Cooking time 10 - 20 mins. Click here for Lamb Henry Steaks
(Click here for recipe)

• Minted Lamb Steaks
Fresh herbs - Mint and Rosemary - the perfect partners to Lamb Henry Steaks.
Preparation time 5 mins : Cooking time 15 mins. Click here for Lamb Henry Steaks
(Click here for recipe)

• Lamb Steaks with Shallots & Red Wine Sauce - by Michelle Minnaar
Once you try this Lamb Steak recipe, you’ll never want to try another one. It might look complicated but it’s easy and you can prepare this dish in 30 minutes. Get cooking!
Preparation / Cooking time 30 mins. Click here for Lamb Henry Steaks
(Click here for recipe)

• Cajun Lamb Steaks - by Curtis Stone
A healthy choice when used with lean meat.
Preparation time 10 mins - 15 mins Plus 2-4 hrs marinating time : Cooking time 6 - 8 mins. Click here for Lamb Henry Steaks
(Click here for recipe)

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Enjoy Free Range juicy Lamb Henry Steaks any day of the Week - available fresh - Instore or Online

So whether you choose one of the recipes above - or are just inspired to further explore the possibilities of Lamb Henry Steak recipes - we hope we have given you plenty food for thought   

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