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Thrifty Lamb Riblets

Lamb Riblets are a lesser-known Cut of Meat, taken from the area near the Lamb Shoulder and sawn off from the top of the bones that form a Rack of Lamb. 

These small Rib Bones don't have as much Meat as we generally find with Pork Ribs, but they are still worth the trouble to cook - because their flavour is outstanding.

Not easy to find - being Lamb, these Ribs can be cooked with a variety of seasonings, including Asian or Middle Eastern as you will see from our Related Recipes

Impeccable husbandry

Taken from only truly Free Range, slow maturing, additive-free, naturally raised animals - with impeccable husbandry - on lush green pastures - and then Dry Aged to perfection

Hand prepared

Hand prepared to the very highest professional standards by our Master Butchers - offering superb, juicy tasting, Premium Quality Lamb, perfectly presented - in a way that we think is only fitting for such rare quality produce


Best slow-cooked - but many Asian recipes grill, griddle, pan-fry - or simply put them on the Barbecue.

Once you have tried our Lamb Riblets once - you will be back for more - and for the more adventurous here are a few recipes to explore just to show how versatile Lamb Riblets can be:

• Garlic Lamb Riblets - by Alexa Federico
Hearty Lamb Riblets are a great meal for a cold night - but just as nice whenever you fancy them - which you will!
Preparation/Cooking time 45 mins. Click here for Lamb Riblets
(Click here
for recipe)

• Slow-Roasted Lamb Riblets - by Jamie Geller
Often overlooked, since they are relatively fatty, many Chefs have been turning this Cut into Lamb Bacon for a while. We are now starting to see the Riblets grow in popularity among home cooks. When slow-cooked or smoked, they become incredibly tender, and the flavour of the fat is as rich as Marrow.  
Preparation time 10 mins : Cooking time 6hrs. Click here for Lamb Riblets
(Click here
for recipe)

• Easy Sticky Lamb Ribs - by Alida Ryder
Baked Lamb Ribs in a sticky, Asian-inspired glaze is a delicious dinner or easy snack recipe. The glaze is super sticky making the Ribs irresistible. 
Preparation time 10 mins : Cooking time 1 hr. Click here for Lamb Riblets
(Click here
for recipe)

• Vietnamese-Style Lamb Riblets with Sweet Soy Dipping Sauce - by Molly Stevens
Lamb Riblets (which are smaller than Pork Spareribs) make for deliciously unexpected finger food. They’re perfect party fare because you can roast them ahead of time and then run them under the broiler at the last minute to get even more caramelized flavour and crisp edges.
The Riblets can be roasted, cooled, and refrigerated up to 2 days ahead. Bring to room temperature before broiling.
Preparation/Cooking time 2hrs - plus marinating. Click here for Lamb Riblets
(Click here
for recipe)

• Crispy Asian Lamb Ribs
Quick and easy - the oven does all the work for you!
Preparation/ Cooking time 1 hr. Click here for Lamb Riblets
(Click here
for recipe)

• Spice-Roasted Lamb Ribs with Smoky Salt
These tender little Lamb Ribs are just as delicious as the ever-popular Pork Ribs and the Spices help cut through the richness. Can be prepared up to two days in advance
Preparation/Cooking time 1 hr 30 mins. Click here for Lamb Riblets
(Click here
for recipe)

• Singapore Lamb Riblets
Quick to prepare - Singaporean tender Lamb Riblets in Soy Sauce with an Asian Slaw
Preparation/Cooking time 45 mins. Click here for Lamb Riblets
(Click here
for recipe)

• Easy Lemon Herb Grilled Lamb Ribs - by Alida Ryder
Grilled Lamb Ribs Marinated with Garlic, Herbs and Lemon are savoury and absolutely mouth-watering. If you’ve never tried Lamb Ribs before, now is the time!
Preparation time 10 mins : Cooking time 30 mins - plus 1 hr marinating. Click here for Lamb Riblets
(Click here
 for recipe)

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So whether you choose one of the recipes above - or are just inspired to further explore the possibilities of Lamb Riblet recipes - we hope we have given you plenty food for thought   

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