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Thrifty Poultry Cuts

Thrifty Poultry Cuts

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Free Range Turkey Mini Roast
A fantastic Thrifty alternative to cooking a whole Turkey
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Eight Piece Special Reserve
Four Meals from one Special Reserve Chicken
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Free Range Mini Chicken Paupiette
Mini Roast Half Chicken - Boned and Rolled for easy carving
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Free Range Chicken Thighs
Bone-in, skin-on. Perfect for roasting, stewing or pan frying.
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Free Range Chicken Drumsticks
A family favourite - ideal for stews, roasting and barbecueing
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Free Range Chicken Wings
Perfect to just nibble on or eat with a dip- great value for money.
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Free Range Hand Diced Chicken
Tender moist Chicken, ready to stew or skewer.
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Free Range Chicken Livers
Intense rich flavour for Pates, Terrines, Parfaits or simply pan-fried.
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Chinese Chicken Plum Parcels
Juicy Marinated Chicken stuffed with Plums
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Lemon and Coriander Parcels
Lemon and Coriander Marinated Chicken Stuffed with Sausage meat
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Free Range Marinated Skewers
Legs in a choice of spicy Argentinian, Japanese soy, or plain flavours.
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