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Tomahawk Ribeye Steak


The gargantuan, historic Steak - with a serious Wow factor!

Really a thick Rib-Eye Steak - cut from the Forerib with the entire bone still attached - created to really impress! 

Hand prepared

Hand prepared to the very highest professional standards by our Master Butchers - offering superb, juicy tasting, Premium Quality Beef, perfectly presented - in a way that we think is only fitting for such rare quality produce

Impeccable husbandry

Prepared from only truly Free Range, slow maturing, additive-free - naturally raised animals - with impeccable husbandry - on lush green pastures - and then Dry-Aged to perfection

The epitome of beefy Steak flavour

Rib-Eye Steak is probably the epitome of beefy Steak flavour and texture.

The Rib 'Eye' is so called because it comes from the 'eye' (centre) of the Forerib

Also known as the Cowboy Steak - the Tomahawk Rib-Eye Steak is expertly cut from between the 6th and 12th rib of the Beef

The whole Rib Bone intact

Cut to about 5cms thickness - we then leave the whole Rib Bone intact 

You will adore the Tomahawk Steak

If you love Bone-In Steaks such as T-Bone or Porterhouse, you will adore the Tomahawk Steak - as it is cut from the same main muscle as on a Porterhouse or T-Bone Steak.

Drooling, rich and irresistible flavour

Lusciously marbled - the intramuscular fat combines with the bone to yield meltingly textures - with a slightly gelatinous - but drooling, rich and irresistible flavour

Prehistoric presentation

We carefully French-trimmed the long bone above the Steak for that prehistoric presentation that really will get your guests, family or friends talking - way after the meal or party is over

More than enough for two hungry adults. 

Best pan-seared and then oven-roasted - can be grilled - or simply put on the barbecue 

Here are some more Tomahawk Rib-Eye Steak recipes for you to consider:

• The Perfect Tomahawk Steak - by Jon Hatchman
This Tomahawk Steak recipe celebrates flavoursome Rib-Eye (on the bone), served with Red Wine and Shallot Sauce.
Preparation time 10mins : Cooking time 40 mins. Click here for Tomahawk Rib-Eye Steak
(Click here for recipe)

• Tomahawk Rib-Eye Steak
Also called a Cowboy Steak, Tomahawk Steak is best pan-seared and then finished in the oven. Just before the Steak rests, it is basted with Butter, roasted Garlic and fresh Thyme - to result in a juicy and flavourful Beefy experience
Preparation time 15 mins : Cooking time 20 mins. Click here for Tomahawk Rib-Eye Steak
(Click here for recipe)

• Tomahawk Steak with Mac and Cheese - by James Martin
This Tomahawk Steak with Mac and Cheese recipe is a showstopping indulgent treat. The Steaks are sealed in a pan, sprinkled with Salt, Pepper and a Stock Cube and are then transferred to the oven for 20 minutes!
Preparation/Cooking time 35 mins. Click here for Tomahawk Rib-Eye Steaks,
(Click here for recipe)

• Barbecued Tomahawk Steak, Miso & Tarragon Salsa Verde
The Tomahawk Steak is the king of show-off Steaks, and what better way to cook it than on a blazing-hot barbecue? The Steak is the star here, but the accompaniments are important – a gentle brush of Miso Butter, blistered Cherry Tomatoes and Tarragon Salsa Verde elevate this wonderful Cut into a bona fide show-stopper.
Preparation/Cooking time 45 mins. Click here for Tomahawk Rib-Eye Steak
(Click here for recipe)

• Tomahawk Steak with Chimichurri - by Simon Street
This Steak is a real head turner. Serve it with Chimichurri, a South American version of Pesto. Chimichurri is loaded with Herbs and has a zesty, zingy flavour. Place a spoonful of Chimichurri on a freshly grilled Steak and hear the sizzle as the aroma and flavours are released. 
Preparation/Cooking time 40 mins - plus 15 mins resting. Click here for Tomahawk Rib-Eye Steak
(Click here for recipe)

• Grilled Tomahawk Steak with Chimichurri Compound Butter - by Samantha Ferraro
Grilled Tomahawk Steak seasoned simply with Salt and Pepper and then perfectly char-grilled, so a deep crust is formed. Serve the grilled Steak with a quick and bright Chimichurri Compound Butter.
Preparation time 20 mins : Cooking time 20mins - plus 10 mins resting. Click here for Tomahawk Rib-Eye Steak
(Click here for recipe)

• Dry Aged Tomahawk Steak for Two - by Geoffrey Zakarian
This giant juicy Steak from chef Geoffrey Zakarian is from his Beverly Hills restaurant, Georgie. 
Preparation/Cooking time 1hr.. Click here for Tomahawk Rib-Eye Steak
(Click here for recipe)

• Smoked Tomahawk Steaks - by Andrea Alden
A Tomahawk Steak is delicious, decadent, and great for feeding more than one person. However, Smoked Tomahawk Steaks take the buttery texture of a slowly reverse seared Steak and applies the intense flavour of wood smoke to bring a whole new profile to this favourite Cut of Steak. 
Preparation time 10 mins : Cooking time 1 hr 20 mins. Click here for Tomahawk Rib-Eye Steak
(Click here for recipe)

Do have a look at out How to Cook/Related Recipes Tab for many ways of how to prepare your Dry-Aged Tomahawk Rib-Eye Steak - and our Love your Leftovers Recipes Tab - for any Leftovers you may have - but we doubt there may be any of this luscious Meat leftover!

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