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Free Range Bronze Turkeys - The finest Turkeys money can buy

No additives,drugs or growth enhancers
Fabulously fully-flavoured Bronze Turkeys only come from traditional breeds of Turkey that are naturally slow growing and enjoy the freedom of roaming in pastures,woodland or stubble fields. They must be allowed to forage freely on a natural diet with no additives,drugs or growth enhancers. 

Naturally fully matured
Only when they are naturally fully matured - and never before - can they be traditionally prepared, hand plucked and game - hung for up to 12 days - before being carefully presented to you to enjoy the ultimate in festive gourmet experiences.

Traditional rich depth of flavour belonging to a bygone age
We scour family-run farms with only the highest standards of stress-free husbandry for such rare birds, so we can offer you the most tender, moist, beautifully textured Bronze Turkeys with a traditional rich depth of flavour, which almost belongs to a bygone age - but which always creates such a wonderful festive and celebratory dining experience - and a memorable spectacle for that special Christmas table

Silky, delicious, rich gravy
Our Free Range Bronze Turkeys are delivered to you fresh and oven ready, with giblets packed separately, which can be used to produce the silky delicious rich traditional gravy to accompany these extra special birds

Free Range Bronze Turkeys - The finest Turkeys money can buy

When ordering allow ½ kg per person

As these are naturally reared birds you will get some weight variations

Please order by Weight Category bearing in mind that our weight categories are referred to by their low points eg:
The Weights include Giblets 

5kg=5 to 5.49kg
5.5kg =5.5-5.99kg

Once you have chosen your weight category bear in mind there may be a possible weight variation in either direction of 10% - from the high or low point of the Weight category.
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