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Unsmoked Streaky Bacon

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The Perfect choice

Premium Quality, expertly selected Dry-cured Bacon - Rind on

Crafted from British naturally Outdoor-reared Pork - that tastes like what Pork is meant to taste like!

​​​​​​​The Natural way
All our Dry Cured Bacon is produced in the same natural way by Dry-curing in Salt and Sugar - without adding water.

This is the traditional way Bacon has been cured for generations - before the introduction of modern practises of adding chemicals and lots of added water.

Superb quality - that sizzles!
Bacon has always been a Godfrey family favourite.

We don't accept the modern practises of adding chemicals and lots of added water - and that shines through in the superb quality of Bacon we provide.

Moreish flavour
Slowly matured - our Unsmoked Streaky Bacon has a delicious, yet mild, moreish, savoury flavour - without being overpowering 

Godfreys Unsmoked Streaky Bacon - is expertly rubbed, Dry-cured and slowly matured - to retain the natural juices​​​​​​​ - which crisps up beautifully - and does not shrink, stain or leave residue in the pan - so providing an old fashioned flavoursome alternative to those industrially produced brine injected products so loved by the supermarkets

​​​British Unsmoked Streaky Bacon at its best
Flavoursome, Dry-cured, matured British Unsmoked Streaky Bacon at its best.

Do check out our How to Cook/Related Recipes button for lots of ideas and recipes for your Unsmoked Streaky Bacon
Our Price: £8.98

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