Virginia BBQ Pulled Pork
Virginia BBQ Pulled Pork Virginia BBQ Pulled Pork
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Virginia BBQ Pulled Pork

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The best Smoky shredded Pulled Pork we have tasted - Cooked in a Bag - in a fraction of the time!

We thought this new Cook In The Bag technology was just too good to be true - but it’s not!

Going into the Bag - we only use Premium Quality, slow-matured, additive-free, Blythburgh Pork Shoulder - with its impeccable provenance - and world class husbandry skills

A culinary Masterpiece
We add the Rub and Marinade - and finally seal the bag - so all the flavours start to mix and mingle - to start what will be a culinary Masterpiece

You just pop the Bag with the Pork and Rub already in the Bag into the Oven - and cook!

Perfectly tender Virginia BBQ Pulled Pork
And hey - presto! Perfectly tender - fall-of-the-Bone, Virginia BBQ Pulled Pork - ready to be shredded - and then believe you me - enjoyed!

Crackling - and a fraction of normal cooking times and cost
And magically you also get the crispy Crackling as well! - all in a fraction of normal cooking times and cost

Even bones
Even bones don’t break the skin of these Cook In The Bags

A Masterclass in Meat
So there you have it - luscious silky, Virginia BBQ Pulled Pork with Mississippi Sweet Apple BBQ Sauce - a Masterclass in Meat - at a fraction of the normal cooking times and cost!

No mishaps - and no mess!
All you need to get your head around - is putting a Plastic Bag in a hot oven and creating perfect Virginia BBQ Pulled Pork - with no mishaps - and no mess!

Once you have taken the plunge you will never look back

From four servings upwards
Using this new Cook in The Bag you don’t have to buy tons of Pork Shoulder - just choose the size of joint to suit the number of servings.

We start at 1kg of Blythburgh Free Range Pork Shoulder - so you can choose the size of joint to suit the number of servings - from four servings upwards

So take the plunge and start a whole new way of Cooking Pulled Pork -with all the luscious taste and rich silky textures - but none of the time and mess! - and don't forget to order your Mississippi Sweet Apple Bbq Sauce with your order.

Yee - Hah!
Our Price: £16.47

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