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Wild Mallard Duck

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The largest of the Wild Ducks with a strong - but not gamey flavour.

A full distinctive flavour
Our Mallard Ducks - when in Season - are leaner due to living in the wild - but lose nothing in terms delivering a full distinctive flavour, together with that very special golden, crispy skin.

Less fat
Wild Mallards have less fat than their farm-raised cousins making them a healthy option for roasting or stewing.

One Mallard will serve two people comfortably

Do have a look at out How to Cook/Related Recipes Tab for some great ways to prepare your Wild Mallard Duck

​May contain lead shot.

Season : September 1st to January 31st

​​​​​​​No shot game until December 7th because of Covid-19 Restrictions on Shooting Parties

Our Price: £10.50
Sorry, this item is out of stock

Ingredients & Allergens
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