Nationwide Deliveries are now full booked for 19 - 24 Dec 2021. Slots for Local Deliveries and Click and Collects are still available


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Xmas Nationwide Deliveries

Breaking News : Christmas Delivery Slots & Product availability

Having completed the usual pre-Christmas discussions with all our Farmers - a few worrying issues have emerged - that we thought we ought to share them with you

As a result of these visits and discussions - unfortunately, we are now predicting a shortage of traditional Free Range Christmas Turkeys and all other related Free Range Turkey products

Fewer Free Range Turkeys 

There are fewer Free-Range Turkeys on the ground this year due to the caution shown by the Farmers when they put their Hatchlings down at the beginning of summer due to COVID-19 fears

Increased demand 

This situation has recently been further exacerbated with the increased demand we expect due to a degree of panic buying - as all sources of supply simultaneously encounter supply shortfalls

Shortage of the most popular sizes 

That means not only that less Free-Range Turkeys are available this year - but also a there will be a shortage of the most popular 3/5 kg sizes 

Placed early orders to secure our Birds

We have been in touch constantly with all of our Farmers - and so have been able to place our orders very early this year - to secure as many Birds as possible - and also to help our Farmers plan - but we now know that will not be enough to satisfy the demand we normally have at Christmas

Shortage of Nationwide and Local Delivery slots 

Due to the effects of other Brexit and Covid-19 restrictions affecting capacities - Christmas Nationwide delivery slots from 20th December have already been fully booked - but there are still a rapidly-shrinking number of Local London Delivery Slots - and plenty of Click and Collect Slots - still available

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods 

That additional demand has been compounded by the introduction of LTNs - which has swelled the traffic in all our Local London Delivery areas - so sadly reducing the number of deliveries that can be made during social hours

Unprecedented and difficult situation 

We are committed to relentlessly maintain our strenuous efforts to improve on this current situation - but we all felt we should make you aware of this unprecedented and difficult situation - sadly not of our making

What are we doing to help?
Apart from those strenuous efforts already described - these are just some of the initiatives we are taking to help make your Christmas Perfect:

Every order confirmed will be honoured 

We are encouraging Customers to place orders as early as possible - to secure their Christmas choices - every order confirmed will be honoured

Festive Meat and Poultry Choices

Our Christmas Email Articles and our Christmas Tabs showcase alternative Festive Meat and Poultry choices which when chosen will still help make your Christmas Perfect as it possibly can be in these difficult times

How to Cook and Related Recipes Pages

All these alternative choice Products feature a How to Cook Page - and a host of other Related Festive Recipes - liberally sprinkled with some Michelin Chef ones - which you can browse through to help you make that all important decision

More available sizes

If your favoured size of Turkey or Turkey Joint is unavailable we suggest you may wish to order a slightly larger - more available sizes 

The most comprehensive list of delicious Leftovers Recipes

Should this be the case we have provided those with the most comprehensive list of delicious Leftovers Recipes that will not only fill your Festive period with even more exciting and very flavoursome meals - but also recover the cost - and probably a lot more than that  extra cost - by rewarding you with a very wide choice of what you can do with those luscious, Premium Quality Leftovers

If Delivery Slots are full we will offer alternatives

If Delivery Slots are full, we will offer you alternatives - such as a different date or time


For Collections we will do the same

Freeze down - ready or your Christmas feast

Finally, if all that does not suit - we would recommend ordering an earlier Delivery or Collection before Friday 17th of December - to secure your Festive Meats - to freeze down - ready for your Christmas feast
Hopefully we will find solutions to some or many of these challenges - but at least you know we are giving it all we have got - to make your Christmas as Perfect as possible
Kind Regards and our Best Wishes that you enjoy as Perfect a Christmas - as is possible - in these difficult times
Jeremy Chris Phillip
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